Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The quest begins again...

Well hello readers!! (Whitney;)  And we're back, yet again, on the quest to lose weight.  After a visit to the Dr (which included stepping on the scale!) for my 6 week post baby checkup, I was quite disgusted with myself and am springing into action.  I basically haven't done any legit exercise for about a year.  I ran a marathon last March, but hurt my hip, so running after the race was pretty much non-existent.  So all of that beautiful muscle that I had spent 2 years building up... gone. Blah.  It makes me sick just thinking about it.

Oh well.  All I can do now is move forward from where I am and stay positive.  I have to keep reminding myself that I JUST had a baby and that the weight is not just going to fall off in two months, even if I am diligent in my diet and work outs.  But I went on my first run and to the gym this evening and I came home with a bounce in my step.  Man I have missed running and just being active in general.  I walked in the door to a messy house and crazy kids, but kept that smile on my face cuz I felt good.  I need to remember this when I am not feeling like working out, that when I'm done, I feel happy and I am a much better and nicer mother.

So, the big question... HOW am I going to do it?  Well, I can't spend money on a fancy diet program or yoga/pilates classes, or any other cool work out programs, so we are just doing this the good old fashioned way of cutting back on the bad foods and exercising 6 (yes that's right, 6) times a week.  I feel like I need to jump start my body back in gear and gain some base muscle and strengthen my core, so that is what I am focusing on the first few weeks.  I am going to be doing running as well, but I am starting out super slow and easy, with just 1 mile for now and then 2 and slowly work up to 3 and more.  I am just so nervous about getting injured or doing too much too fast, so it's not going to be much for the first little while.  I am going to vary my workouts with weights (focusing on quads, hamstrings, inner and outer legs, abs and back and arms), swimming, yoga, and plyometrics, and what ever else I decide to throw in there.

As far as food goes... I am nursing so I can't cut my calories a ton, but I can focus on eating the right kinds of foods that are filling and energizing and cutting back on treats so that I can ensure that I am not eating too much.  I am substituting white breads and rice for whole wheat and brown, trying to eat 2 fruits and 2 veggies a day (at least), and pack in the protein.  I am not going to be eating treats and desserts, but will allow some sugared things to remain in my diet, like chocolate milk, cereal and some other things that will help to satisfy those cravings when they are overwhelming me.  I am not going crazy and saying that I can't have pizza or other delicious foods that I love, but I will try to limit those things to once a week.  And on those occasional girls nights, I might just indulge in a pinkberry or a cookie or something.  But basically I am going to stop my donut runs and impulse baking. ;)  I also have a support system in place.  I told Nate to remind me not to buy any treats anymore, and I have asked my sister Whitney if I could text when I am having a crazy sugar craving and need to be talked down and away from the chocolate.  She has agreed to be my go-to person to help me steer clear.  This is new and I am really hoping that it works, because I have a serious sugar addiction that needs to be kicked to the curb.

I read an article about Jennifer Garner on Pinterest, and she mentioned that she always has cut up veggies out on the counter in the afternoons, and I think I am going to try to adapt this habit, not just for me, but for my kids.  If they are out, then I will grab them and munch on them.  Part of the reason I am terrible at eating veggies is cuz I'm so lazy.  But if I only have to cut them up a few times a week, and just pull some out every day... I can do that.  It's a goal.

So, my ultimate goal is to lose 30lbs.  From there I might want to try and lose another 5 or 10, but for now, I am focusing on a normal, healthy weight and just hoping to fit back into my pre-baby clothes.  I'm not really sure how long it will take me since I am still nursing and I've never been successful in losing all of my baby weight before I stop nursing, so I am just hoping to have a good 15 lbs off by the end of the summer and then I'll continue on from there.  If it's more, great!  I hope that it is, but I am trying to be realistic.

Anyway, wish me luck!!  I am actually kind of pumped and excited.  We'll see how I feel in the morning though ;)