Monday, December 29, 2008

It is time

Evening everyone... it's been awhile. I am starting my new years resolution early, as we are not around family, and really have no Christmas goodies to eat up, and will probably have a very low key new years, so I am not going to be too tempted with treats. I am in great need of losing 17 pounds. My ultimate goal is to lose 27 pounds, which is my dream, yet attainable weight. But I only need to lose 17 to get to my pre-pregnancy weight.

What am I doing to get the pounds off you ask? Weight watchers (trying for the first time), running, and pilates. I am very pumped to start in on my new regime. Today I started with about 40 minutes of pilates, and then followed it with a nice 4 mile run (during which I encountered my first dog attack... ok, so it wasn't really that dramatic, as he had a metal muzzle on, but he would have bit me if he didn't have it on... he was running straight at me, and slammed the muzzle into my back. It was a little scary, but not too bad). It was my first run in a few weeks, so it was a good work out.

My goal is to have the weight off by May, so I will keep you posted with my feelings and progress.

To start off... like I said, I am new to weight watchers, so I am still learning how it works and all that. But after my first day, I have been surprised at how much the little things add up, like pretzels and olive oil. But I didn't do too bad, and only had to use 1.5 of my weekly allowance points, thanks to my activity points.

Until next time...