Friday, July 24, 2009

me too

so morg, i have problems, too. i am in a great place right now with my diet and eating habits. i am rocking the casbah. for the last two weeks, i have stayed within my weight watchers points, i have exercised almost every day, i am totally in the zone. the problem.... i haven't lost any weight. nay, i've gained .6 of a pound. seriously depressing. all my hard work for nothing. when i read about your southern deep fried deliciousness of a dinner i think that i might as well be eating like that. why go to all this work and pain for nothing? any tips, suggestions, magic potions?

I have problems

Last night for dinner I made southern deep fried chicken. Healthy? No. Delicious? Yes. For dessert I made deep fried apple pies. Healthy? NO! Delicious?? Oh yeah!!! I don't really know what was up with all the deep fried food. I blame it on the food network that I have been watching during the kids' naps. It makes me want to cook and bake. So I went online and that's what looked good. Once I got the idea in my head, there was no stopping me. I don't even want to think about how many calories and grams of fat were in that entire meal. The past couple of weeks, all I have wanted to do is eat and eat and eat. I feel like I have had absolutely no self control. All of the sudden I am this huge carb addict who eats whole loaves of french bread. I'll eat a fatty muffin, even if it doesn't sound very good. I have been having a really hard time cooking lately. I blame it on my stupid kitchen. When I watch the food network, I dream of a day that I will have a normal sized kitchen and be able to cook a meal normally, without having to juggle counter, sink and stove space. We are leaving on vacation next week, and I know it will be just the break I need to get things back on track when we come back.

I feel like I really need to get things in order for this winter, as I have a feeling it is going to be really hard with the boys... staying in this tiny apt most days. I want to be prepared with fun activities and games for them. I also really want to eat more healthy as a family. Both Nate and I are trying to lose weight and just be more healthy in general, and I feel like we need to make some big changes. Most of that starts with me and doing smart grocery shopping and meal planning and actually cooking. I need to get over my kitchen. I need to just accept that this is it and embrace it. Or at the very least, just deal with it without complaining. I am getting there.

Anyway, sorry, this is a totally random boring post. But I just needed to express some frustrations. I know I can be better at all these things... I just need to be organized and have some self control. I can and will do it!! But first, we are going to have a very fun month long vacation visiting our fams. Can't wait!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Richmond, VA here we come!

Good morning to all of our dedicated readers... by which I mean you, Whitney! ;) Marathon training starts Monday, and so with that, I would like to lose the final 5 pounds to pre-pregnancy weight, and then another 5 for good measure {and because I wasn't in peak shape before I got pregnant last time}. I am not going to officially go back on weight watchers, but am going to keep it in mind when I choose my meals. Along with running, I will be doing some cross training of biking and swimming, which may change come September, but for now, that's what it will be. This last week I worked out everyday except Tuesday, and I have to say, I loved it! I love being active, especially when I get to be active in beautiful weather. For some reason, the summer weather here has been seriously delayed, for which I am truly grateful, as I really hate running in the heat. So wish me and my knee good luck as we start on this new training adventure. I'm excited!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

The knee...

So I know no one cares, but I do, and I want to document it somewhere, so this is the place. My knee is doing ok. I have started physical therapy twice a week and have of course been resting it. Probably a little too much. It is so much harder to exercise when I can't run. Running is so easy. All I have to do is go outside and run. But when I go to the gym, I have to have music, a towel, a water bottle, my id card, goggles and swim cap for swimming, a change of clothes, etc... it is so annoying. Not to mention just walking to the gym adds 10-15 minutes onto each end, leaving less time to actually work out. To do everything that I would want to do at the gym without rushing horribly, I would need about 2-2 1/2 hours. I can usually do that on Saturdays, but not during the week. Oh well.

Today I did the elliptical and then I did some speed walking on the treadmill for 10 minutes or so, then I ran at a 12 minute mile pace (SOOOO slow), and I LOVED it! Not the slow pace, but running. I miss it so much. I just want to be able to run. That's all. Is that too much to ask? I made myself stop after only 5 minutes, (although I wanted to keep going forever) because I REALLY don't want to do anymore damage, so I am taking is SUPER slow. My physical therapist told me to start with the elliptical for a couple weeks, then work up to the treadmill, so I think I should do that. I am hoping that by the end of May, I will be able to start a regular running routine. In a week or so, I will start on the treadmill with just one to two miles at a time, and over a period of time, hopefully be able to keep doing low mileage (1-2-3 miles) at a faster pace. If I do that over a whole month, don't you think that would be taking it slow enough? I do.

Anyway... blah blah blah. No one wants to hear this, but I wanted to write my thoughts down. Wish me luck.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

GREAT news!

Only 5 more pounds to go to get to pre-pregnancy weight! YAY!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

here we go again

time to start the weight watchers! i just had a baby a month ago and i'm ready to start firming up and ready for the extra fat to start coming off. i went to yoga for the first time since the birth on thursday and weighed myself... i have about 10 pounds to go to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. i was a little disappointed when i weighed myself... since i ran my whole pregnancy, i didn't think i would have that much weight to lose at this point, but i probably should remember that it's only been a month since i delivered my baby and i AM getting older. sigh. but all that running didn't go to waste... i am still in relatively good shape so the transformation shouldn't be too painful. :) here are my goals for the next few months:

1) reach my pre-pregnancy weight by march 31

2) stay within my weight watchers point value every week

3) no sugar in my diet for 6 weeks (until april 6)

4) run at least 4 days a week

5) practice yoga at least 2 days a week

6) weight train at least 2 days a week

7) get down to 125 pounds by may 30

8) get a time 1:50 or better for the see jane run half marathon

i really hate posting my weight on here, but i feel like it helps me have a sense of accountability. so for now, i will post my weight on the sidebar.

wish me luck!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Weigh In

So I finally weighed myself tonight, and I am down another 4 lbs. Very good news. I think it would go a little faster if I was really a stickler with my points. I have been really good this week, but in the past, I was mostly just subconsciously counting points and not really eating sweets. But I have been running a lot of miles, so I think that has really helped get my weight down. The best thing right now is that my boobs are a lot smaller, I think back to my normal size, and I can button up my cute spring coat that I haven't been able to button for quite some time. Smaller boobs just look better on me. So I am happy that I am getting the weight off. Running has been so great, I am getting faster and feeling really strong. All positive things!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


So, things are still going well on the weight loss bandwagon. I am not sure how much weight I have lost, as I don't have a scale, which is probably a good thing, so I don't obsess over every little pound. But I am feeling good and feeling smaller. I went running with a friend the other day who hadn't seen me in a while and she noticed that I had lost weight, so that's gotta be good news. I am not being super strict with my points counting, because I find that it kind of messes with my head when I do, but when I don't think about it as much, I don't feel the need to eat as much. I just try to keep my goal points in the back of the head, and make a mental note of about how many points I am eating. I have noticed a difference in my eating, as in I am not eating a lot of sweets, and am not eating a lot of unhealthy snacks. I try to make the most of the everything I eat. And what is really awesome, is that I baked a cheesecake, sugar cookies, and pumpkin cookies and only ate 1 pumpkin cookie out of all of that. It was for a bake sale in our building. Oh, I guess I did buy one of my own sugar cookies later on, so I had 1 sugar cookie as well. That's pretty darn good though for someone with a sweet tooth like me.

I am also in week 6 of my marathon training, and it has been going well. I think this is making the biggest difference with my weight loss. Last time I trained for a marathon, I was nursing, so I didn't lose a lot of weight, but this time around, I feel like weight is just melting away, which is great. I love how quickly my legs tone up when I start being really consistent with my running. Seeing results like that definitely help me stay motivated. I love seeing proof that what I am doing is actually making a difference.

I have been running mostly on my own, which is tough at times, but I always do my long runs with friends. The only downside to that, is that they are all faster than I am, so I am always pushing myself. But I am keeping up, and still finishing strong, and that is all that matters.

Ok, so that is all for now, just wanted to do a little update. I will try to weigh myself this week and post how many pounds I have left to lose.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


So things have been going well so far. Running has been great, and I am loving getting back into my training. I love when you get in the groove in the middle of a run, and it just feels so good. I have decided that I love running in cold weather. If there were never snow on the ground, it would be great all the time. My first week of weight watchers was great. I am now in Spokane for my brother in law's wedding, so I am not counting points for the next week and a half, but am trying to be wise in my food choices. I am doing ok with the sweets, although I have had some, but am not going crazy AT ALL like I would normally do, which I am proud of. There is so much snow and ice on the ground here, so running hasn't been possible. I have some pilates videos that I need to get out and do... I have so far just been revelling in vacation life, but I am thinking today. I feel kind of gross and lazy, like I need to be active. I am hoping to use my sister in laws gym pass to do some running, even though I seriously hate running on treadmills. Oh well.

Probably the best thing about my trip so far was stepping on the scale for the first time in a few months. I just assumed that I was at the same weight I was the last time I stepped on. But I was NOT... I was 5.5 lbs LESS. It was such great news to find out that I only have 11.5 lbs to lose to get to pre-pregnancy weight, instead of 17. I'm not sure if any of that was weight loss from last week, but I assume if it was, it was just a pound or two. So anyway... good news. Now I just have to make sure that I don't gain all that back from this week and a half with family.

Wish me luck with my exercise... it's always hard to tear myself away from everyone, especially when it is snowy.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Day 4

Just checking in... I have decided after only 4 days, that I love weight watchers. Those who know me, know that I love my sweets. Well, the good news is that I don't have to cut them out. As long as I stay within my points allowance, I am good to go. I think this will make it so that I can stay on this longer. I love that you can really eat whatever, just maybe not as much as normal. Like tonight for dinner, I had a hotdog with the rest of the fam, which you would think I shouldn't be able to have, but as long as I stay within my points... you get the picture. I even had 2 brownies for dessert last night and one tonight. I am not saying this is easy... it is amazing how much mindless munching I do, so I have really cut back on that and focused on having 3 meals and usually some sort of snack. The snacking is really the hardest part. When I get in the mood for munchies, I want salty chips or pretzels, or buttery popcorn. Instead, I usually turn to pickles or baby carrots, which are both filling and zero points. If anyone who has done WW before knows of any low points snacks, meals, and/or desserts, send them my way.