Thursday, February 28, 2008

minus 3.0

not too shabby. that sounds like a lot my friends, but it was over three weeks. haha. i've had a crazy couple of weeks, with my kids getting sick and going to disneyland with my family, so blogging took the back seat. i guess a pound a week is okay (slow and steady wins the race, right?)... i just get so impatient. i just need to think of it as a lifestyle change and not a diet, because if i keep eating the way i am now, i will just gradually drop the weight. and it's not like i'm deprived... last night i had a bowl of that dreyer's slow-churned cookie dough ice cream. man, that stuff is to die for. you'd never know it has less fat and calories in it. if any of you dieters out there are in need of a little treat, go and try any of those slow-churned flavors... you can't go wrong.

i decided that i'm going to make a mini-goal of losing at least 1 pound by next week. hopefully that will help keep me motivated to just keep going with the weight loss instead of always feeling like it's too hard and too hopeless and i have so far to go. how about you people? what do you do to stay motivated?

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

countin' some points

so, i started weightwatchers today. after i had worked so hard last summer, and got down to 132 pounds, i gained it all back... and a little more. at the end of august, we moved out of our apartment in utah and stayed with family for almost two months. then we moved to california, stayed with more family for a couple weeks, and then hit the holiday season where we stayed with even more family off and on for several weeks... i just couldn't establish a routine for my eating habits and my exercising went down the tubes. after the new year, i started exercising again and training for another marathon with my husband, which helped me feel a little better and get some tone back, but i just couldn't motivate myself to stick to a food plan long enough to lose any weight, so i decided to try something new. i'm doing the online plan because i don't really have the time to go to meetings right now, which means... i need a little support from whoever tunes in to this here little blog. i'll post my stats every week after i weigh in on tuesday nights after my yoga class.

starting weight: 143 pounds

first goal weight: 130 pounds

ultimate goal weight: 125 pounds

so here i go...