Wednesday, April 30, 2008

new motivation, new goals, new success!

after almost 2 months of eating quite poorly, i've finally realized that i just cannot bring sugar into my house or i will devour it all in a split second. i bought waaaaay too much candy for easter and then we had family come and visit and then we went on a few trips to visit family... a recipe for disaster in my weight loss quest. all in the past though...

i've turned over a new leaf and made some new goals. i'm pumped and i know i'm going to do it this time! i'm running a half marathon on may 31, which is the time frame for my new goals. after my half marathon, i will reevaluate where i'm at and make some new goals if i need to.

here they are:

1) finish the half marathon in under 2 hours

2) each week stay under my weight watchers point allowance

3) no sugar or sweets until after i finish the half marathon (i really want to refrain from sugar as an experiment to see if eating no sugar will positively affect my running, and also just to see if i can actually go without sugar for 5 weeks :)

4) fit into my favorite pair of too tight jeans

5) fit into my favorite too tight dress

my last 2 goals were spurred on by glam's "too tight ____ (insert favorite item of clothing that doesn't currently fit here) challenge."

i'm still going to weigh myself every week just because it's the only way i have to measure whether i'm moving in the right direction or not, but i'm not going to post my weight anymore... just whether i lost or gained. the real test will be if i can fit into the aforementioned clothes by may 31.

let's rock!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


This morning I went on my second post-baby 3 miler. It was awesome. I felt like I did really well, even if I am still a little slow. However, I wore the tank top that I wore when I ran the Ogden marathon, and I felt a little like Gus the mouse from Cinderella ( I love that movie, by the way). You know how when Cinderella first puts his little shirt on and it rolls up because his hips and bum are too big? Yup, that was me, the whole run... pulling down my shirt because it kept creeping up, because my love handles are too big. So sad! But, it helped me get a little more motivated. I am blessed to gain my baby weight very proportionally, so every one keeps telling I look so great and blah blah blah, because my tummy isn't really big, but my whole body is all just a little bit thicker. So it's times like this morning, and this evening at yoga, being forced to look at my chub in the mirror for an hour, that I gain the perspective that I need to help get my rear in gear. I am actually way pumped to be active again and get back in shape. I just need to stop thinking about where I need to be, because it seems so far away. I would rather just enjoy the process of working out and reaching my many small goals, one by one. So here's to getting back in shape, one day, and one workout at a time!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

salt lake city marathon

for a full update on my fabulous salt lake city marathon experience, click here. hope everyone's weight loss success is going better than mine... i'm having some motivation issues right now, but i hope to be back on board asap!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Back on

Greetings again! I am pleased to say that I am back on the band wagon to a life of better health and fitness! My Doctor said that I was good to exercise as soon as I felt up to it. Well, to be honest, I have felt great since about 2 weeks after I gave birth, but it wasn't until just after 4 weeks, that I finally got things together and did my first run! It was only 2 miles, but it was great! Not only did I do pretty darn good for not having run for 10 months or so, but it was the perfect night for my first run. Cool but not cold, just before sunset, around dinner time, so I could smell all the BBQing and cooking, etc. It smelled like the campground at New Brighton Beach, which is such a great nostalgic smell... I LOVED it! It really was just great all around. I am sore today, which again, feels great... it means things are happening. Can't wait to see how tomorrow's run will go, and can't wait to get in shape and feel great again.