Tuesday, February 5, 2008

countin' some points

so, i started weightwatchers today. after i had worked so hard last summer, and got down to 132 pounds, i gained it all back... and a little more. at the end of august, we moved out of our apartment in utah and stayed with family for almost two months. then we moved to california, stayed with more family for a couple weeks, and then hit the holiday season where we stayed with even more family off and on for several weeks... i just couldn't establish a routine for my eating habits and my exercising went down the tubes. after the new year, i started exercising again and training for another marathon with my husband, which helped me feel a little better and get some tone back, but i just couldn't motivate myself to stick to a food plan long enough to lose any weight, so i decided to try something new. i'm doing the online plan because i don't really have the time to go to meetings right now, which means... i need a little support from whoever tunes in to this here little blog. i'll post my stats every week after i weigh in on tuesday nights after my yoga class.

starting weight: 143 pounds

first goal weight: 130 pounds

ultimate goal weight: 125 pounds

so here i go...


Nate, Morgan and Asher said...

way to go whit!! you'll have to let me know how you like WW. i would never have guessed that you gained all that weight, you still look fab!

as for me, today i swept and mopped the kitchen, did the dishes and cleaned the counters, swept and mopped both bathrooms, scrubbed both showers and toilets, and reorganized under the sinks in the kitchen, and both bathrooms, and vacuumed the family room and stairs. i think i can count that as my 30 minutes of being active! and i don't even feel sore or too tired. way to go me!!

i should get mad more often (i clean when i get mad or annoyed!!) what was i mad about? nate said last night he would help me clean and he didn't, so this morning i woke up to a disgusting house!! but he did help today, after he saw my wrath. see, sometimes it is beneficial to get mad... it makes me productive, and makes Nate help!! HA!

whitney said...

ya, i think it's safe to say that you went well over your goal of being active for 30 minutes. :) nice work.

yep. i did gain all that weight. luckily, i gain weight pretty proportionately so i don't look terrible, but i definitely don't fit into my clothes anymore.

Glam said...

Good luck on weight watchers! I don't know how you dealt with the running in the Utah craziness! I'm uber jealous of your stellar Cali-exercise conditions!

ThickChick said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog ladies! How awesome that you have each other!

I can certainly see how a change in routine over such a long period of time would equal gradual weight gain. I know I definitely do better when I have a solid routine in place too.

The best part is - you didn't gain that much, and with some diligence, I'm sure you'll get right back down to where you were last July!

You can do it!