Thursday, May 15, 2008

weigh in

my weigh in on tuesday night wasn't great, but i was expecting some sort of gain. i gained .8 of a pound. not the worst of tragedies, but still a set back. i went way over my point allowance for the week... something like 40 points. we were all over the place last week, eating out and having meals at other peoples' houses. oh, and my friend brought over a dozen of these AMAZING rolls because i taught her primary class for her last sunday and i ate 10 of those rolls within a 24 hour period. 10!!! what the freak is that? have i no control? sometimes. sometimes not.

but i did do really well with my goal of no sugar and i am really stoked about that. on saturday, i'll have gone three weeks without any sweets... i never knew i had it in me. and i think it HAS made a difference with my running... i haven't had as many stomach problems during my morning runs.

speaking of morning runs... training is going well. i think it will be a cinch to finish the half marathon in under two hours. well, maybe not a cinch, but my body is totally capable and rearing to go.

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