Wednesday, June 11, 2008

no sweets for me!

Project "no sweets" is well underway, and going fabulously. I have actually been doing so great. I try to just take it one day at a time. I actually don't even have a specific date in mind as to when I will start eating then again, so technically, I could eat sweets tomorrow, which I won't, but it helps me to know that I can. Everyday, I just say: "I am not going to eat sweets today", and it is much less overwhelming, than saying I am not going to eat sweets for the rest of the summer, or whatever. It has only been a week and a half though, so I will let you know how things continue!


whitney said...

nice going! i should do it again... i felt so much better when i wasn't eating sweets than i do now.

ThickChick said...

A week and a half without sweets? Hats off to you!! I like this one day at a time approach, thanks for sharing!