Monday, February 23, 2009

here we go again

time to start the weight watchers! i just had a baby a month ago and i'm ready to start firming up and ready for the extra fat to start coming off. i went to yoga for the first time since the birth on thursday and weighed myself... i have about 10 pounds to go to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. i was a little disappointed when i weighed myself... since i ran my whole pregnancy, i didn't think i would have that much weight to lose at this point, but i probably should remember that it's only been a month since i delivered my baby and i AM getting older. sigh. but all that running didn't go to waste... i am still in relatively good shape so the transformation shouldn't be too painful. :) here are my goals for the next few months:

1) reach my pre-pregnancy weight by march 31

2) stay within my weight watchers point value every week

3) no sugar in my diet for 6 weeks (until april 6)

4) run at least 4 days a week

5) practice yoga at least 2 days a week

6) weight train at least 2 days a week

7) get down to 125 pounds by may 30

8) get a time 1:50 or better for the see jane run half marathon

i really hate posting my weight on here, but i feel like it helps me have a sense of accountability. so for now, i will post my weight on the sidebar.

wish me luck!


Morgan said...

ok, so my baby is almost ONE and I only weigh 5 lbs less than you! you are in an AWESOME position whit, and i am sure you will lose it all really quick. good luck!

Josh and Michelle said...

I was so impressed when I heard that you ran the whole pregnancy. That is so great. hes only a month old and you are already into getting the extras off. you are so good. Breastfeeding and stress did it for me this time. now I would like to get down to my pre - Callie weight. Anyways good luck im sure youll do great.