Friday, February 20, 2009

Weigh In

So I finally weighed myself tonight, and I am down another 4 lbs. Very good news. I think it would go a little faster if I was really a stickler with my points. I have been really good this week, but in the past, I was mostly just subconsciously counting points and not really eating sweets. But I have been running a lot of miles, so I think that has really helped get my weight down. The best thing right now is that my boobs are a lot smaller, I think back to my normal size, and I can button up my cute spring coat that I haven't been able to button for quite some time. Smaller boobs just look better on me. So I am happy that I am getting the weight off. Running has been so great, I am getting faster and feeling really strong. All positive things!


Josh and Michelle said...

Well, since you are throwing it out there, I agree, I think you look good with smaller boobs too.

Morgan said...

haha! thanks michelle! it really is true!