Friday, July 24, 2009

me too

so morg, i have problems, too. i am in a great place right now with my diet and eating habits. i am rocking the casbah. for the last two weeks, i have stayed within my weight watchers points, i have exercised almost every day, i am totally in the zone. the problem.... i haven't lost any weight. nay, i've gained .6 of a pound. seriously depressing. all my hard work for nothing. when i read about your southern deep fried deliciousness of a dinner i think that i might as well be eating like that. why go to all this work and pain for nothing? any tips, suggestions, magic potions?


Morgan said...

ah man, that totally sucks!! are you at your pre-pregnancy weight yet? maybe you're gaining muscle?? man, i don't know, but that is so frustrating. maybe it's also because you're almost 30?? i hear it gets harder to lose weight once you hit 30. you're not nursing anymore, right?

whatever it is though, don't let it get you down. just keep pluggin' away. because if you stop, then you'll just be that much further behind. maybe your body just needs a couple weeks to adjust to make sure that it is not going to be starved or anything, before it starts letting go of the weight. i think that can happen??

i actually just started a new eating plan today. i don't want to pay for weight watchers (even though i like it so much) so i am using that website called sparkpeople. it's pretty good so far, and i have had a great first day! ;) i think it helps to write down everything i eat. we'll see how it goes. i still have the last 5 pounds to get to pre preg weight, and then i would LIKE to lose another 5 more. If my knee holds out through the marathon training, then i don't think it should be a problem. but we shall see!

Sharon said...

love this blog!