Saturday, July 2, 2011

The final stretch

I'm back and I'm rearin' to go. The task at hand... lose 11 lbs. I am proud to say that since this time last year, I have lost 20 lbs!
This is seriously the only picture of I have of myself last year.  It's hard to tell, but the 20 lbs are there, I promise.

I feel great and I know that in some areas, I look great too. I'm talking about my legs and butt. See for yourself...
I think that's a pretty good lookin' butt, if I do say so myself. This is all part of my new way of thinking, to love my body and be happy with it right now, but to continue to work towards the way that I want to look. I think it helps to find a part of my body that I am happy with, and that is my butt and legs. Of course, I would love to have beautiful inner thighs and just be more toned all around, but I do like my legs right now. I am puting these pictures up as my motivation. Motivation to work on my shoulders, arms, back and core. I took another picture in my sports bra and spandex shorts, that will not be posted, but I need to look at these pictures to keep me motivated to get these last 11 lbs off.

These pictures have made me realize how short my legs are. Sad. Oh well.  Definitely can't change that, so I will love my short, yet strong legs. :)
 The work?  I will be running mostly, but also doing yoga and p90x videos on my off days.  There will also be a few days a week with swimming as my second workout, as I am doing the swimming leg of a triathlon in August.

The food?  I am not really following a diet or food plan, but there are some specific things that I eat (and don't eat) that really make a difference.  Pretty much every morning for breakfast I have a whey protein shake which consists of whey powder, oatmeal, a banana, frozen berries and milk or water.  Sometimes I put some ovaltine in there.  It's good and fast to make.  I love not having to think about what to eat in the morning.  Plus it's a great post workout food.  I also drink a green drink a few times a week, for breakfast or lunch, which consists of spinach, avocado, grapefruit, cucumber and almond milk.  It's a little hard to get down sometimes, but it's light and cleansing and a super power drink with hardly any calories.  I try to eat good proteins: fish (we eat lots of fish), chicken, red meat once a week, egg whites.  I try to eat quinoa and brown rice instead of white rice.  I try to eat whole wheat bread.  I eat all the fruits and veggies I want.  I limit myself to one treat a week, or none at all.  Chocolate milk made with ovaltine has become my saving grace.  It totally satisfies my sweets cravings.

The prize? A week off of being a wife and mother to go on a trip anywhere I want, courtesy of my loving husband. I am already thinking of where I want to go. Any suggestions? :)

 I have to say that I have really been enjoying this process of getting fit and just feeling good all around.  I love moving my body and sweating and feeling like my body is strong and capable and healthy.  I love the mental aspect of it too... always pushing myself to go a little further, a little faster, or holding a pose just a little bit longer, or doing one more repetition.  It's such an amazing feeling.  I don't ever want to forget how it feels to be active,  and no matter where I am with my goals, I want to feel good and love my body.

Wish me luck!!


whitney said...

morg, you seriously look fantastic! that shot of you from last year in yellowstone... that's totally how i look now! that gives me hope that i'll be lookin' as awesome as you by next summer. :) good luck on the last 11, you'll do great! here's to a week trip sans kids!

v a n e s s a said...

i don't know if i am allowed to comment on this blog but i have to say, i love this post! you look so good, and i LOVE your attitude about your body. i have been thinking the same thing about mine and i think it's the only way to go. 11 more lbs will be easy!

Anonymous said...

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