Wednesday, April 30, 2008

new motivation, new goals, new success!

after almost 2 months of eating quite poorly, i've finally realized that i just cannot bring sugar into my house or i will devour it all in a split second. i bought waaaaay too much candy for easter and then we had family come and visit and then we went on a few trips to visit family... a recipe for disaster in my weight loss quest. all in the past though...

i've turned over a new leaf and made some new goals. i'm pumped and i know i'm going to do it this time! i'm running a half marathon on may 31, which is the time frame for my new goals. after my half marathon, i will reevaluate where i'm at and make some new goals if i need to.

here they are:

1) finish the half marathon in under 2 hours

2) each week stay under my weight watchers point allowance

3) no sugar or sweets until after i finish the half marathon (i really want to refrain from sugar as an experiment to see if eating no sugar will positively affect my running, and also just to see if i can actually go without sugar for 5 weeks :)

4) fit into my favorite pair of too tight jeans

5) fit into my favorite too tight dress

my last 2 goals were spurred on by glam's "too tight ____ (insert favorite item of clothing that doesn't currently fit here) challenge."

i'm still going to weigh myself every week just because it's the only way i have to measure whether i'm moving in the right direction or not, but i'm not going to post my weight anymore... just whether i lost or gained. the real test will be if i can fit into the aforementioned clothes by may 31.

let's rock!


Nate, Morgan, Asher and Sayer said...

great goals! i love the too tight goal. i may just have to do that as well. i need to do something about the sugar as well. i am addicted to my new recipe of chocolate chip cookies... they are seriously the best cookies i have ever had, and I cannot for the life of me stop eating them! we inherited a BAD gene.

good luck!

Josh and Michelle said...

I have many too tights in my closet. I keep thinking that I shpu;d just DI them because by the time I will actually fit in them I probably wont like them anymore.
Good goals whit. 2hours that seems crazy.