Thursday, April 3, 2008

Back on

Greetings again! I am pleased to say that I am back on the band wagon to a life of better health and fitness! My Doctor said that I was good to exercise as soon as I felt up to it. Well, to be honest, I have felt great since about 2 weeks after I gave birth, but it wasn't until just after 4 weeks, that I finally got things together and did my first run! It was only 2 miles, but it was great! Not only did I do pretty darn good for not having run for 10 months or so, but it was the perfect night for my first run. Cool but not cold, just before sunset, around dinner time, so I could smell all the BBQing and cooking, etc. It smelled like the campground at New Brighton Beach, which is such a great nostalgic smell... I LOVED it! It really was just great all around. I am sore today, which again, feels great... it means things are happening. Can't wait to see how tomorrow's run will go, and can't wait to get in shape and feel great again.

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