Saturday, July 11, 2009

Richmond, VA here we come!

Good morning to all of our dedicated readers... by which I mean you, Whitney! ;) Marathon training starts Monday, and so with that, I would like to lose the final 5 pounds to pre-pregnancy weight, and then another 5 for good measure {and because I wasn't in peak shape before I got pregnant last time}. I am not going to officially go back on weight watchers, but am going to keep it in mind when I choose my meals. Along with running, I will be doing some cross training of biking and swimming, which may change come September, but for now, that's what it will be. This last week I worked out everyday except Tuesday, and I have to say, I loved it! I love being active, especially when I get to be active in beautiful weather. For some reason, the summer weather here has been seriously delayed, for which I am truly grateful, as I really hate running in the heat. So wish me and my knee good luck as we start on this new training adventure. I'm excited!!


whitney said...

woohoo! i'm right there with you. good luck... especially with your knee. i hope and pray it holds out.

Morgan said...

**update** I ran about 5 miles today with no pain during or after in my knee!! i was really excited. i am hoping that this means i will be good to go as long as i always stretch, rest and ice when needed. next saturday i have a 4 mile race in central park, so that will be fun!!