Tuesday, June 19, 2007

First 2 days...Success!!

So the first 2 days of el dieto have gone smashingly. I ate only what I said I was going to and nothing more. Even though both days I have wanted to snack snack snack! But I have resisted the urge! It is so hard. I guess I don't realize how much mindless munching I do. I will just have a graham cracker here, a popsicle there. And watching Casino Royale without popcorn was pretty much torture. The buttery smell just kept teasing my from across the room! Hopefully I will get a little more used to paying better attention to what I eat. I am also excited for next week when I can eat fruit. I feel like just the little bit of sweetness that fruit gives me would make SUCH a difference.

So our parents are coming into town tomorrow, and I am a little bit nervous about eating well. But I think it will help that me, whit, and my mom are all trying to eat better. I am also baking cakes this week, that I know I will be tempted to eat, but I shall prevail!!

Now I just need to be better at my exercise regime, and I'm good to go!!

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ben and whitney shafer said...

yeah morg! way to go! i think it will be easy with mom and dad here, because we're doing this together. no problem!