Saturday, June 16, 2007

morgan's menu for the week...

So I decided to post my menu for the week to make it a little more official. Plus, then if you are reading this, you can get some lovely ideas of your own! I will also spare you what I am having for breakfast and lunch, as I'm sure you probably don't really care. But just so you know, so I can be held accountable, it is going to be a lot of eggs, and whole grain, fiber cereal for breakfast, and lots of wraps, salads, and leftovers for lunch.

Chicken Marsala w/ whole grain pasta


Chipotle steak w/ cauliflower and brown rice


Wildrice chicken soup w/ steamed broccoli and whole wheat bread

BBQ spiced rubbed salmon (yum!) w/ green beans and brown rice

Spaghetti (my yummy cappelini pomodoro sauce w/ whole grain noodles) and salad

Sauteed shrimp w/ tomato and basil w/ brown rice


Pork roast

Also, just so everyone knows, my husband will be getting white rice, white bread, and as much dressing as he wants!! It will be a little bit more work to do that, but I would rather have a happy husband. That is, unless he decides he wants to do this with me. What do you say Nate? It never hurts to eat healthy! :)

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