Monday, June 25, 2007

a pretty good weekend

i had my parents in town and my friend, janaya, which always means more eating out and more treats around all the time. plus, my cousin, aaron, got married on saturday and we attended a BBQ on sunday after the baptism of an old friend of ben's and then proceeded to another friend's house for dessert. it was a long weekend filled with lots of sugar just staring me down saying, "eat me!" i did pretty well, though. i didn't have any wedding cake, no m&ms, no cheese cake, no brownies, no snickerdoodles... all of these were things that i had at my dispense this weekend. the only sugar i ate the whole week was the last gathering of the night on sunday. it was oreo ice cream pie... um, how could i pass that up? but i was proud of myself for doing as well as i did. it's really hard to have self-control when you are eating what other people put in front of you. even if i don't have a huge amount of weight loss this week, what's most important is that i feel great because i have been eating so well.

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Nate, Morgan and Asher said...

way to go, you did way better than I did. But that's ok. I'm not too discouraged.